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1948  Born in Israel
1973 - 1975   Studied sculpture at the Avni Institute, Tel Aviv
1976 - 1980   Studied History of Art at Tel Aviv University
Assorted art courses with Rachel Shavit and Shimon Avni at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion,
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1981 - 1988   Studied with artist Motti Mizrachi
1992 - 1998   Studied at the Art Teachers’  Training College, Ramat Hasharon
1999 - 2001   Studied engraving at the Art Teachers’ Training College, Beit Berl
2001 - 2002   Studied at the Jerusalem Print Workshop
1997 - 2002   Conducted an artist workshop at Beit Halochem, Center for IDF Disabled Veterans
Since 1998 Member of the Israeli Association of Painters & Sculptors, Tel Aviv

Since 2013 Member of Artspace Tel Aviv


Selected Solo Exhibitions in Israel

2017   “Beauty's Grief“, The Municipal Art Gallery in Beit "Yad Lebanim" Rannana, Curator: Orna Fichman

2016   “Flood”, Hakaze Gallery, Curator: Lee Rimon, Nahariya, Israel

2015   “Secrets & Lies” Artist Wall, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Nir Harmat

2014   “Metropolis”, Loving Art Kiryat Hamelacha, Curators: Eran and Kerni Barzilay, Tel Aviv

2013   “ Secret Garden”, Gerstein Gallery, Curator Ziona Kider, Tel Aviv [Catalog]

2012   “High Hopes”, Artist House Alharizi, Curator: Neta Na'aman, Tel Aviv

2009   “Black Stain”, Tova Osman Gallery, Curator: Galit Semel, Tel Aviv

2007   “New Works”, Boxes, Card Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2006   “Childhood Memories”, Cite Internationale Des Art, Paris, France

2005   “S’engager”, Municipal Gallery Kfar Saba” ( Installation) Editor Tal Shochat

2003   “Works”, Kibbutz Na’an Gallery, Curators: Tmima and Sarah

2002   “Intersections Plus”,  The Municipal Art Gallery “Yad Lebanim” Raanana, Curator: Orna Fichman [Catalog]

2001   “Two-some”, ORT-Braude College Gallery, Karmiel, Curator: Yehudit Bracha

2000   The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Curator: Orly Hoffman, Chief Curator: Udi Rosenwein

2000   “Intersections”, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Orly Hoffman [Catalog]
1999   “Landscape Expanses in an Open-Closed Space”, The Israel Graphotheque, Tel Aviv, Curator: Noa Tal

1995   “Chemical Compound”, Association of Painters & Sculptors, Tel Aviv, Curator: Naomi Shalev
1995   Gallery of Contemporary Art, Kibbutz Na’an

1994   Museum of Printing,  Zefad

1991   “Icons of Beauty”, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Motti Mizrachi [Catalog]

1990   “Episode”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

1987   Yad Lebanim Museum, Holon

1986   Museum of Art, Ramat Gan

1985   Yad Lebanim Museum, Petach Tikva

1984   Ha’Simta Theater Gallery, Jaffa

Selected Solo Exhibitions Abroad

2006   Cite Internationale des Art, Paris, France

2006   Curtis Gallery, Seattle, Washington

1997 - 1998   Moriah Gallery, Maryland

1997   Ambassador’s Ball, 49th Anniversary of the re-establishment of the State of Israel,
Washington Committee, State of Israel Bonds

1993   Goldman Art Gallery, Rockville, Maryland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 “Secret Art 8” Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, Curators: Esty Drori and Doron Polek

 “Brown Portfolio”, Curator: Ruth Lubin, Locations: Tel Aviv University, Municipal Gallery Haderah,  Theresienstadt Museum

 “The Burden of Dumah”, Artist House Alharizi Tel Aviv, Curator: Varda Ginosaur

 “A New Life”, Toy Sanatorium, Jaffa, Curator: Oz Madar and Ruth Levin [Catalog]

 “Body of Work” Etching Exhibition, Curator: Galit Rauchwerger, Artspace Tel Aviv

 “Women’s Labor”, Urban Gallery in Yad LevanimH House, Curator: Orna Pichman, [Catalog]

 “Afikoman” Annual Sale Exhibition, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curators: Nir Harmat and Orit Tuchman

 “9 X Artist Wall”, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Dalia Danon

 “Group Show” Sarah Arman Collection


2015 “In the Footsteps of Collections”, Yavne Gallery, Curator: Irit Levin [Catalog]

 “A Woman with Many Faces”, Municipal Gallery, Raanana, Curator Orna Pichman [Catalog]

 “Mother Nature” Artist House Modi’in-Reut, Curator: Gabi Yair [Catalog]

 “Mythological Encounters”, Binyamin Gallery, Curator: Naava Sade

 “Flowers for Sarah”, Sarah Arman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Mira Zedad

 Group Show, Wall Gallery, Ha’hashmal, Curator: Guy Morag

 Donation Exhibition for Levinsky Library, Curator: Revital Herari, Artspace Tel Aviv

 “Summertime” Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Nir Harmat


2014 “Trapped”, Kibbutz Galuyot Project, Curator: Shirley Meshulam

 “Sicily”, Artist House Alharizi, Curators: Dalia Danon and Nir Harmat, Tel Aviv

 “Planned in Retrospect”, Gerstein Gallery, Curator: Naomi Gerstein [Catalog]

 “Psalm for Women”, The Office Gallery, Curator: Rachel Sukman

2013 “Not Book”, Beit Hare, Tel Aviv, Curator: Guy Morag

 “Lips”, The Farm Gallery, Holon, Curator: Guy Morag [Catalog]


2012 “Frame Story”, Municipal Gallery in Beit Levanim, Raanana, Curator: Orna Pichman [Catalog]

 “One Sided Mirror”, Natanya Culture Hall, Curator: Bruria Pasternak

 “Secret Gallery” Project, Fresh Paint 5, Tel Aviv

 “Food, Now”, Municipal Gallery Raanana, Illustration Biennial #11, Curator: Orna Pichman [Catalog]

 “Touching Words”, Shoam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hana Shir

 “Touching Words”, Gefen House Haifa, Curator: Zila Shoam and Hana Shir

 Loving Art, Studio Exhibition, Tel Aviv


2011“Friendship”, Hachmon, Lawyer’s Office, Curator: Sarah Levi

“Artezachen”, The Farm Gallery, Curator: Bruria Pasternak

“Secret Postcard” Project, Fresh Paint Fair

“Loving Art” Open Studios, Tel Aviv

Group Show, Shoam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Zila Shoam

“Double-Face”, Municipal Gallery Haderah, Curator: Ruth Blair Liubin


2010 “Games”, Illustration Biennial #10, Municipal Gallery Raanan, Curator: Orna Pichman [Catalog]


2009 “Drink and Merriment”, Ashdod Museum of Art, Curator: Yael Vizel [Catalog]

 “30 Year Anniversary Exhibition to Tova Osman Gallery”, Alharizi Artist House, Tel Aviv

 “Mirror Mirror 2”, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Tova Osman

 “A Small Object”, Shoam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hana Shir [Catalog]


2008 “Mirror Mirror 1”, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv

 “Fabricated”, Tapestry Imagery in Israeli Art, Municipal Gallery Kfar Sabba, Curator: Galit Semel [Catalog]

 “Brick Stones”, Beit Hazikuk, Haifa, Curator: Essty Drori [Catalog]

 “Strawberry”, Field Strawberry, Ramat Hasharon, Curator: Ziona Kidar [Catalog]


2007 “The Vocal Generation”, 40 Years to the Occupation, HaKibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Larry Aberson

 “Games”, Municipal Gallery Raanana, Curator: Orna Pichman [Catalog]

 “A Floating Bed of Gold”, Magnum Project, Shtraus Company, Tel Aviv Port, Curators: Ayelet Biran and  Doron Polak [Catalog]

 “Peace to a Missing World”, Givataim Theatre [Catalog]


2006 “Rachel’s Grave Through the Artist’s Eye”, HaSadna Gallery, Yavne, Curator: Tova Osman [Catalog]

 “The Israeli Living Room of Art”, Meirov Center for Education at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Curator: Asnat  Merkovitz [Catalog]

 “Night’s Labor” Midnight Project, Curator: Dafna Maor [Catalog]  


2005 ”Nobody's Doll”, Bat Yam Museum Forum Exhibition, Yanko Dada Museum

 Municipal Gallery Kfar Saba + Municipal Gallery Rehovot, Curator: Galit Semel [Catalog]

 “6x6” Six Apartment, Six Emotional States, Jaffa, Curator: Giora Orion


2004 “Ritualism”, Yad Lebanim Gallery, Ramat Hasharon, Curator: Efi Gan
           “Tel Aviv Profile”, Emil Zola Painting, Curator: Kety Bar [Catalog]
           “The Wandering Library”, Poland and Holon, Curator: Doron Polak


2003  “Pieces of Childhood”, The Center Hulon, Curator: Udi Rozenvain
           “Flowers”, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv
           “Doll”, Municipal Art Gallery, Yad Lebanim Raanana, Curator Orna Fichman [Catalog]
           “What a Beauty”, Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv

 “Fall Salon”, Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv


2002  “Urinal-Environment: Art for the Preservation of Water and the Environment”, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts              Center, The Artist Museum Project, Curator: Doron Polak [Catalog]
           “Garden”, The New Art Gallery, Tivon, Guest Curator: Yehudit Bracha


2001  “My Self Through My Own Eyes: Female Artists”, The Arts Center, Holon, Curator: Udi Rosenwein


2000  “Fashioned Postcards”, 70th Year Anniversary of Kibbutz Na’an, Na’an Art Gallery
           “Transparency and Color: Beauty against Violence”, Installation at The Tel Aviv
           Performing Arts Center, Curators: Orly Hoffman & Arie Berkowitz [Catalog]
           “Flower”, The Council for a Beautiful Israel, Curator: Anat Hofi Ben-Zur


1999  “Sabinsky Press Artists’ Book”, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center [CD Catalog]
           “Peaceful Greetings”, Givat Haviva Arts Center


1998  “The Israeli Woman: 1948-1998”, The Municipal Art Gallery, Ra’anana, Curator: Orna Fichman [Catalog]


1997  “Carefully Measured”,  Association of Painters & Sculptors, Tel Aviv, Curator: Naomi Shalev [Catalog]


Special Projects
1997   Painting, ‘Vista’ Hotel, Eilat
1996 - 2001   Calendar, Israeli Art, Phalphot Press & Flying Cargo
2000   “The Creo-Scitex Penguin Parade”, Curator: Daphna Naor


Project Management

2009 - 2015   “Loving Art - Making Art” Project, Tel Aviv Municipality


Prizes and Awards
2006   Residency and Grant, The Cite Internationale des Art, Paris, France

2002   The Rabin Square Design Competition, Rabin Peace Forum, Israel Institute of Architects
and Town Planners, Tel Aviv, in collaboration with arch. Yaacov MacMillan

2001   Second Place, public conceptual competition of architects and designers for planning
and designing Israel Electric Company’s facilities in high power transformation stations, in collaboration with arch. Yaacov MacMillan


Selected Private and Public Collections

Petach Tikva Museum of Art Collection

Rosenfeld Gallery Collection

Leumi Bank Art Collection

HaPoalim Bank Art Collection

Tova Osman Gallery Collection

The Municipality Gallery of Kfar Saba Collection

The Municipality Gallery of Raanana Collection

Beit HaLochem Art Collection

Center for Abused Women Art Collection, Jerusalem


Selected Donations

Rabin Beilinson Hospital, Petach Tikva

Dana Center, Rabin Beilinson Hospital, Petach Tikva

Meirav Center for Mammary Health

Clalit Health Center, Haifa

Clalit Health Center, Petach Tikva

Beit HaLochem, Veterans’ Center, Afeka

Hematology Department, Rabin Medical Center

Oncology Department, Tel Hashomer Hospital

The Center for Hearing, Tel Hashomer Hospital

Various Nursery Homes, Israel

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